September 24, 2017

Happy Sabbath!

I am going to start like I never left oft. When I read other people's blogs, it stirs in me the desire to write my own. I don't know if blogs are going out of style- ok, they are, and I should be getting ready for Church, but here I am blogging.

We live in Central California right now. The mornings are cool and foggy and the afternoons warm up to be sunny and hot. The kind of day where you take a jacket and it ends up stuffed in your backpack at the end of a school day.

I have one bright, talent, fun, extroverted daughter who is 15. 4 younger boys follow her. Two twin boys attached at the hip who share hobbies and cousins we live nearby and sometimes fight and squabble with. An 11 yr old boy follows after them and he loves to do what they do- online games and rubicks cubes while chasing a soccer ball on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturday games. Our little Declan who we have yet to know whether he is a caboose or not is 3 1/2 and keeps our life spunky and full of laughter and life.

My husband is a first year teacher with challenging Middle School Math students. I teach piano to four of my nephews and a family friend. I sell Young Living Oils- share really and keep our life going!

And on that note, it is time to shower, get ready, wake the teenager, bathe the toddler and have a happy Sabbath day!

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