February 2, 2012


our neighbors from China, celebrating the New Year

I've been really weepy lately. I don't know what it is. It's probably the fact that pregnancy hormones still stick around for 3 months after the fact. I didn't notice it much last time. February 19th- I'll be so happy to meet you.

Yesterday, while subbing, I teared up twice. In the school. In public! Once during story time. The story included a little girl who wanted to be a famous woman each day and one day she wanted to be her Mother. I love being a Mother.

The other time was when one of my little 3rd graders with autism left school early. I escorted him to the front door and his Mom greeted him with a huge hug and a "Hey, Buddy!" and they left with his arm over her shoulders. Sigh. I'm so glad he has someone who loves him at home and will take care of him when he leaves us. I'm sure she feels the same way.

Later, I even teared up- ok, cried- when I read someone's blog post wishing her hubby a Happy Birthday, and knowing I feel the same way about Josh. I'm tearing up again. Dang it!

Through all our past hard times of financial struggle, the thing that strikes out to me the most is how important families really are. No matter how much money you have- or don't have. No matter where you actually live or what your job is, you will always have for your family. It is constant. Unchanging.

I am so glad we are US. The Abbotts. Josh and Megan and kiddos. Our Marriage is an Eternal kind and our kids will be sealed to us forever (see how weepy I've been lately). I am so eternally thankful.

This is my blog. My name is Megan Abbott.

ps- It doesn't help that 11 years ago on Saturday I met Josh for the very first time. It wasn't huge fireworks, but enough to make us both want to get to know each other better!


Anonymous said...

Megan - just wanted to say thank you. I've been kind of lurching around for a bit in the shadows of your blog world but we went through a miscarriage recently too. Although my three months are at last past and hormones probably as stabilized as they ever have been there are still those moments. It's kind of weird but reading about your experience has helped me to put some perspective on mine - that those moments are okay and that it's okay to grieve and it's okay to heal. So thanks!

Fox and Amy said...

Meg, you are an amazing mother, and I'm glad that so many others at the schools you're teaching at are able to have a day or two of your nurturing spirit. You have a very lucky family. Love you!

Pink Panda said...

Thank you, Amy and ElizaO- you are too kind.

Joanie said...

Hi Megan..It is OK to be weepy. It shows you are so tender and sensitive to the things of the spirit. All those incidents were joyful ones...so maybe actually tears of joy...there is such a fine line sometimes. Sometimes we cry because we ache for something we can't even describe. Thank you for sharing who you are with us! You enrich us so much with your honesty and beauty. I love you! Mom