May 11, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day was wonderful! Josh cooked dinner for us- Chicken Parmesan Soup- and the kids gave me handcrafted gifts made at school. Even Declan made a card for me at Nursery. It did start out strange though.

The day before, I had dished out food for everyone at dinner and was just sitting down while grabbing a bite of watermelon when the watermelon got lodged in my throat. I kinda started freaking out and the kids ran to get Josh who was upstairs saying "Mom's choking". I wasn't really choking so when he came down I said "I'm okay" to reassure him.

After quite a few attempts to get the watermelon dislodged- drinking water, laying upside down, coughing and a blessing- we headed to the Urgent Care. It was pretty painful too. After an hour wait the Dr said he couldn't do much and sent us to the ER. On the way there, it slipped down my throat and everything was back to normal, except for some soreness. We were so glad not to have to go to the Hospital!

The next morning my throat was still sore so Elizabeth and I made smoothie bowls instead of Josh making breakfast in bed. A weird but happy Mother's Day! I love my kids so much and am so glad they are mine!

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