March 16, 2016

Valentine's Day

For Valentines Day, the 6th grade had a social dance. They had been learning all types of dances in PE and this was their chance to practice it! I didn't get to go since Declan was napping, but I heard that it was a success! Jonah said that a teacher pulled him away from the refreshment table and made him dance. These boys are growing older! 

For Family Home Evening, we made paper hearts and wrote down something nice about each person in our family. Someone must have said something really funny!

Asher and his Valentines Box.

Flowers from Josh!

Ethan and Jonah and their loot!

Declan helping me cook! He loves to stand by me and mix things!

Elizabeth got contacts! We went in to get a new pair of glasses and walked away with contacts! She loves them and has done really well wearing them.

A clay rose Elizabeth left for me. So sweet! What a great Valentines! 

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Larissa Nelson said...

Aww the kids all look so grwn up and mature! Cannot wait to see you soon!!