August 12, 2014

Sick baby/Headache/Kids

It's 2 pm. The baby is sleeping. The kids are at school **Hooray!!** and I have forced myself to take a shift break- a break from the laundry that now sits half folded on the couch, the angel food cake pan that has been soaking since last night in cold crumb water and many various other tasks I could be doing right now.

Instead, I took a facebook/blog break and one post inspired me to write. You know how cute babies inspire you to smile and kiss and squeeze their cheeks? This LDS New York blogger makes me want to blog and use cool similes and blog some more. She did get a tattoo and that almost made me not follow her blog anymore, but she is just amazing. And New York is amazing (do you know that I LOVE New York? LOVE!). So there you go.

The baby Declan is sick today.

His first sickness.

Poor little guy!

He awoke from his first nap early- hot and sweaty, grumpy and fussy. 

Which is weird because normally he is very happy and smiley and will play on the floor happily.

Or, it could be that he is teething. I gave him advil and promptly went to the store for some baby orajel. Nothing like seeing your baby in pain! Poor little guy.

In other news, I still have a headache. Yep, it's been 2 1/2 months now. On suggestion from my Father, who was visiting this past weekend, I have an appointment with a ENT (ear, nose, throat) guy on Thursday. Prayers that he will know what to do and that maybe it is a sinus infection and I can find relief/a cure/something! 

I have also weaned Declan. It's been hard. It's been different. But I know there's a reason. And he loves his bottle!

And that's it for right now. The kids are doing marvelously well in school- Elizabeth is in 6th grade now and switches classes for math, writing and reading (ah!). Ethan and Jonah are in 5th. Jonah is in a class with his old 2nd grade teacher and 4 of their best friends so he is thrilled! He is also talking and being assertive a lot more lately. Ethan is not in their class and is sad, but he'll be fine! He's doing a gifted math class and it's the highlight of his day! Asher is in 3rd and friends have now become the highlight of anything and everything!

Oh, the kids were watching What not to Wear yesterday and Asher said "Mom, don't worry- you don't ever have to go on this show. You look great!" 

What a smooth talker! I gave them angel food cake with chocolate syrup, berries and whip cream for dessert. Hopefully that put me over the top!

Happy Tuesday! Lots of love to you all!

ps- I heard that Robin Williams died and that he had Bipolar. So sad. What an amazing, talented man!

As for my bipolar: I've been hyper and depressed all at the same time- a mixed state it's called. It's been lots of fun/no fun at all. We're working on adding a new med to my lithium. So far one med has not gotten a passing grade and we'll try a new one soon. We'll see! My Aunt also has bipolar as well- it's a small world!

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