November 7, 2013

More Halloween..


 One long Sunday afternoon (we have 8:00 Church), the kids decided to create some Gingerbread (aka Graham Cracker) Haunted Houses. Ethan decided to use the glue gun, since it holds up better, although the others decided to just use frosting since they wanted to be able to eat the whole thing.


 Jonah- needing a haircut!


 Jonah's finished project

We normally dole out all of their Halloween Candy, little by little, for a week and then save the rest for car trips, pinatas, etc. This year we decided on Saturday, to let them eat as much as they wanted to that day- in order to get rid of most of it. This is the conversation that followed about 3 hours of candy eating:

"Mom, I cannot eat any more candy!" Asher
"Wow, that was the most candy I ever ate at one time!" Asher
"Why DID you decide to let us eat as much candy as we want to?" Jonah (maybe regretting it)
"Wah-ha-ha!!!" Elizabeth
And Ethan our hoarder didn't eat more than two pieces.

***Our Gender Ultrasound is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 11th in the morning, at 18 weeks! We are super excited! The kids, Josh and I are off school and work then for Veteran's Day so it works out well. They are doing an intensive ultrasound since I am 35 years old (their magic age) so we are going to leave everyone home and tell them when we get back.***

***I am thinking boy, because we have no boy names, and the old wives' tale of swinging your wedding ring above your belly went back and forth for a boy. I love having boys! They are sweet spirited, tender and often gentle and loving. We'll see!***

***My Dad's recent bone marrow test revealed significant lower levels of lukemia cells and we are thrilled about that!***

***We hope to tie up all business on our home in Maryland soon! We have a negotiator for our deed-in-lieu and things are moving and rolling!***

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Hilary said...

Those are so cute! What creative kids you have. Funny about the candy!