August 28, 2012


Ethan, in a part of our yard.

I subbed in a sweet preschool class for children with speech issues yesterday and will be there again today and maybe Thursday. It was fun but hard since I could not understand what most of the children were saying or some of the children wouldn't speak at all. One student failed the hearing test they gave that day and he won't be tested again for another 30 days! I wanted to write a quick latest update. Recently:

-We had some friends from our foster class over for dinner. They have had a 15 month old boy in their home for about 6 weeks now and it was so sweet to see how happy, even though tired, they were. It was kinda crazy with a toddler running around the house, but it increased my desire to foster. We're thinking October possibly.

-Most of our boxes are finally unpacked. We're still working on setting up shelves in the Garage and getting some bookshelves for our office/Guest room, but it's so nice to be settled. We sure don't want to move for at least a little while!

-We've had an offer for our home in MD (we're short selling it) for almost 9 months now. We found out in June that the bank sold half of our loan to another lender. Since then the leader has offered us a deed-in-leu which is not as good as a short sale and not as bad as a foreclosure. We're waiting a few months before we decide on that. We've been paying utilities, along with HOA fees, for a year now and it's been rough. We're ready to be done with it.

-It's still been super hot here. August is Monsoon season so it also rains a lot. Often we have to run and get the swimming towels off the line before they get wet. This has been our first Arizona summer and I am SO ready for cooler weather.

-The kids are all doing well! They all have at least 30 minutes of homework and each need their own help so it's pretty busy at home from 3 pm to 5 pm. Okay from 3-8 pm!

I gotta run, Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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