June 22, 2012

My Favorite Holiday- besides Valentines Day and Christmas!

Right now my kids, along with 6 other boy cousins, are calming watching a movie on amazon (Ice Age 3) so I have a chance to blog. We've had house guests and life has been busy and fun!

My absolute favorite Holiday- besides Valentines Day and Christmas- is Fourth of July. I don't know when my love of this Holiday started. I think it was the summer my family spent in Utah and we camped out next to LaVell stadium in Provo, Utah and my 15 yr old self watched the huge red and blue and green and yellow lights burst right above my head, all while listening to the awesome tunes of a live band. That was the best. My Favorite Fourth of July EVER.

Other Fourths of July compete pretty closely. Last's years was awesome. Our friends invited us over for treats and fireworks and we sat on the hill behind their townhome and watched the magic while it started to rain. The kids ran around us barefoot and we laughed as we gathered umbrellas and kept watching.

Then there was the 4th of July I ran my first 5k in 102 heat in Maryland. I will always remember that.

The 4th of July when I was due to have a baby boy Asher in 6 days and was filled with lots of false contractions was both memorable and hard- or do those always go hand in hand?)

The 4th of July I spent engaged and under the shade of a tree in the backyard with nieces and nephews. Love!

There is something about the warm weather, the treats, the picnics, the water fights the 4th of July parades (I LOVE parades, btw), the matching Old Navy t-shirts (I may have already bought my kids some), the scotcheroos, the pancake breakfast and the national anthem.

This will be our first fourth in Arizona. It's in a week and a half and while I don't know exactly what we are doing yet, I know that it will be awesome! (at least one pinterest treat, one pinterest craft or maybe just me taking a long nap after waking up early for a parade).

Maybe next year we'll celebrate 4th of July in Disney. What do you think?

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