August 27, 2011

You never know...

a picture from 71toes

who'll you run into.

Guess who I saw today? Shawni from A Mother of 5 who lives in Gilbert and a daughter of the Eyres, she teaches Power of Mom Seminars and has won the Young Mother of the Year Award. Oh, yeah...and she is in my Stake at Church! I went to pick up Elizabeth from a Stake Activity Days Girls Activity (which was super cute) this morning and who pulled up close to me in the long row of SUVs (?) but a super tall and dark headed lady carrying a camera bag. I knew it was her, but I didn't say anything as she booked it inside and soon we were all surrounded by tons and tons of 8-11 year old girls. Um. Yeah. Wow. Amazing!

And now I know she is in my Stake and I'm sure we'll meet again!

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