August 5, 2017

Happy 16th Anniversary!

Yesterday, Josh & I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary! Wahoo!!! It was a warm, sunny, windy day that day in August when we got married in the LDS Temple in Bountiful, Utah. The wind made for some great wedding pictures as it had my veil flying all over!

The weather was a bit different last night as well. We had planned a picnic on the beach and a romantic stroll hand in hand complete with discussions about where our life has been and where it is going. 

Instead, the fog at Morro Bay beach was thick and grey, as usual Josh informed me. We had a great picnic with food from Trader Joe's and watched the surfers catch and crash on the waves. It confirmed a desire to learn how to surf. I have no idea why!

We decided to take a stroll down the beach and back. The fog was so thick that the sand squeaked (have you ever heard sand squeak?! I haven't!) and the fog soaked my hair in minutes. It was so weird! We had used all of our "where our life has been and where it is going" conversation in the car, so I gathered shells while Josh laughed at me. 

One highlight was when we sat down on a log and Josh pulled out his ukulele and sang me the song we danced to on our wedding night. It was so sweet and it touched my heart! :) All I did for him was write notes on post it notes and a letter!

Happy Anniversary, Josh! I love you!  

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