August 12, 2016

Payson Salmon Supper Bake

The other night for date night we drove 40 minutes south to Payson for their 62nd annual Payson Salmon Supper Bake. We had read about it in a magazine I picked up on our way home from our anniversary camping trip. 

We left later than we had planned so we arrived around 6:30- right during the dinner hour rush. The local firemen were cooking fresh slabs of salmon shipped from Alaska over the high heat of fruit wood trees.

The line arched and swerved and found it's way all the around the park. Josh and I had never been in a line so long before- together. We had fun and enjoyed talking and listening to other conversations (well, mostly me and one was anti-Mormon but that's okay- we still love them!). It had just finished raining and the rain from the leaves of the tall, old trees dripped down our necks.

Josh and I split a plate. The Salmon was the most delicious thing I've ever eaten. I'm going to describe it as that. Heaven. No wonder why people were wrapping up their left overs in tin foil to take home. No wonder why they capped their ticket sales at 5,000 and they sell out every year.

We learned from the Fire Chief afterwards that it started as a ward fundraiser and took off from there. Next year we're going (it's always the first Friday in August) and I'm getting my own plate. No matter what Josh may say! ;) Afterwards we walked down the small Main Street and I took some pictures of some doors. Another great date night!

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