August 23, 2016

Our Trip to Shoup, Idaho

            Panning for gold!

I've been wanting to see my Grandpa in Shoup, Idaho ever since my Grandma passed away a year and a half ago. I lived with him for a year when I was six and my kids- all except Elizabeth- hadn't been up to Shoup to see it.

My Grandpa owns an old, abandoned Gold Mine near the Snake River in Northern Idaho. He takes pictures of white water rafters for a living (still shooting his camera from his truck at the age of 90). He used to give tours of the mine and still does to Boy Scouts. His home is an hour away from the nearest town (church, schools, stores). We made the drive up last week and were so glad we did! 

Shoup is beautiful- the weather was hot but it was nice to cool off in the mine. We planned for gold and went hiking across the river (and saw a rattlesnake). We shot potato guns and bb guns and had a weenie roast. 

We stayed in a cute bed and breakfast my Grandpa's friend owns which was nice since my Grandpa has three cats and I'm allergic. I had no problems staying in his cabin and chatting with him though. He told me lots of stories about his life- mostly his life with his two wives and how much he missed both of them. His second wife died of cancer and his third wife- the Grandma I know- passed away last year after 35 years of being together every single day.

I loved, loved visiting Grandpapa (and my uncle Jimmy who lives in a small cabin next door). I'm so grateful Jimmy is there to take care of him. I'm so grateful my kids could see Shoup and spend individual time with Grandpa. What a wonderful trip (besides Declan not sleeping well)!

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