February 5, 2016

Headache Update!

Here's my headache update. My headache has been so much better! I hardly notice it anymore but when I think about whether it's there or not, it still is just a little. It's been amazing to see the growth and progress as it's gotten better. It started out with long stretches of being better and then has gotten to this point of me barely noticing it. I went to a neurologist at the U and he just gave me a list of triggers to watch out for since I'm doing so much better. Yay!!

Here are a few pictures lately:

It's been quite the snowy winter with a storm at least weekly dumping 4-8 inches each time. Declan loves to go out and eat the snow- even if it's dyed a little green!

Ethan made this green snow tree covered in snowballs- pretty neat!

The morning after another storm came and left everything covered in white. The kids love it! I wrote this post about two weeks ago, but it still snowed this morning so I can still say it snowed! It's been warmer and rainy and melting the snow which has been so nice!


Larissa Nelson said...

Yay such wonderful news and answers to prayers! Love ya!

Joanie said...

So Happy you have found some relief...Ethan is so creative...love the snowball tree. It is always fun to see what Declan is up to!!!