February 18, 2016

Ethan and his medicine

Ethan in the school spelling bee. They allow you to write the word on a white board before you spell it, so that's what he's doing in the picture above. He did really well and got in the top three- just barely getting out on the word acetone saying "a-s- I mean a-c " and you can't self correct!

We've been trying really hard for Ethan to gain weight with his ADD medicine. It suppresses his appetite and when a few months ago he weighed a whole five pounds less than Jonah, we decided to do something about it! First, we gave him protein shakes in the morning and sometimes as night. When he lost interest in those, we gave him peanut butter toast or let him eat whatever he wanted to after dinner. It still didn't help much. 

After that we decided to switch to a new medicine and see if that helped. It didn't and so I took him off for a month or so. When we went back to the Dr. today he had gained 3 pounds! The Dr said "I was going to say the medicine is helping until you told me he wasn't on it!"

He was fine being off the medicine for a little while but then he began forgetting to turn in assignments. A lot of them. His grades slipped and he started rough housing a lot more often with the other kids. It was time to try something else.

I did a little research and found that Wellbutrin- a medicine for depression and anxiety- can also help with ADD so we're trying that. It takes a few weeks to kick in so hopefully we can use other management tools to help manage his assignments and things like that! Wish us luck!

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