January 5, 2016

Christmas 2015

Christmas came and went like a whirlwind of red and green confetti. Declan was up part of the night and so I found myself asleep at 7 am and wondering why in the world Josh was getting up so early- it was Christmas! The kids were great sports about the delay even though Jonah said he about died waiting for us to come get them.

We celebrated Christmas Eve by reenacting the Nativity story. Declan was the cutest little shepherd! The kids got to open one present which is always new pajamas- although this year the boys got pajama pants. Christmas Day was wonderful! The morning seemed to fly by since we started the gift opening so late (not really!). Gifts were given and received very thankfully and joyfully. The 3 big boys got big nerf guns from Santa which they later made armor for out of all the empty boxes, Elizabeth got Just Dance 2016 which I can happily say I win 2 dances with and Declan a tricycle which he loves!

A little shepherd showed up on Christmas Eve.

As well as a King, another shepherd and Joseph, Mary and a baby Jesus.

Excited on Christmas morning!

The tree before the storm.

The boys and their nerf guns!

Asher and his nerf gun.

A sweet present from Ethan, which was an origami dollar folded into a star.

Brothers and sister giving gifts.

We already had a white winter land but Christmas Eve brought another 12 inches!

We got really neat ornaments from Aunt Ellen! Each of us got one with our name embroidered in them. The kids loved their own designs! Josh had some of these growing up and they've really enjoyed them.

We got a lovely picture of Mom and Dad Abbott.

Also, see that big screen tv behind Jonah? Emily and Troy won it in a work party as the grand prize and they decided to give it to us for Christmas! We had been needing a new tv- our old one was old and given to us free when we moved from Maryland- but we couldn't see how we could get a new one. It was a Christmas tender mercy!

What a great, great Christmas!

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curtis03 Lewis said...

Yeah I agree that Christmas came and went like a whirlwind of red and green confetti. We also enjoyed a lot this day. It was my twin’s first Christmas. We hosted family Christmas bash at some popular NYC venues. Truly, it was such a memorable day.