November 14, 2015

High School and Mission Mentors

Mr. Ewell, my High School Band Director, takes the cake of all my High School Mentors. He was AMAZING. He still is. He required a lot of hard work and dedication in learning our marching drills and in learning our parts in Concert band. At first I was intimidated by his demands of perfection from us young 15-18 year olds, but as we began to rise to that level I realized how important it is to strive to do the best possible in all you do. I am friends with him on facebook and have followed the schools that he has gone to since his left my school. He has done some amazing, wonderful things with his schools.

Also on the list is my Senior AP English teacher Mr Kniss. We talked a lot about world religions and he would make fun of me for saying that I believed in one true religion. Despite his opposition, my testimony was strengthened as I bore my testimony to him and my classmates regularly. At the end of the year, in my yearbook Mr Kniss wrote "I don't believe there is one specific religion we should believe in, but if I did I would be a Mormon."  I'm glad I didn't complete turn him off to the Gospel.

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