November 11, 2015

Halloween 2015

I've been blogging from my phone, so it's pretty easy to get a blog post written these days. Daylight Savings Time has thrown me for a loop and has gotten Declan waking up at 6 am the past two mornings. I haven't been able to do my yoga/meditation as usual and I'm missing it badly! 

Making sugar cookies
Carving Pumpkins- Ethan and his giant pumpkin.

Declan smiling!
All the carved pumpkins!

Perfect weather for Halloween! 

Halloween Night. 2015. Ethan had changed costumes 3 times- a snake wrangler for the school parade, a zombie for Trunk or Treat and then a Hershey bar for Halloween Night. He barely finished when we were walking out the door. He was hoping on getting more Hershey bars than the other kids- and he succeeded!

Asher and his cool mustache.

Elizabeth wanted to be Mrs. Frankenstein and after time spent on a skirt, she decided to go without. I had bought a cute lion costume for Declan but he thought it was too fuzzy and would not put it on, so Ethan and Jonah's old frigid costume it was! Jonah is Ron and Asher is an old man. He had an amazing mustache but left it at school after the parade. Along with his warm winter coat!

Declan went to a few houses and said "treat!" "treat!" He loves lollipops and had about 3 or 4 dum dums! The older kids went around our neighborhood all by themselves for the first time. It's great to have older kids as well as a very family friendly and small neighborhood! What a great Halloween! Oh, and Josh was Eggs from the movie Box Trolls. I was a rock star but no pictures there!

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