October 28, 2015

My Mentors

I've been reading a few autobiographies and in them the author mentions the mentors that shaped who they are and strengthened them into being strong, hard working people. Looking back on my life, I've had several mentors as well.

Of course, my Parents were my very first Mentors. They are both very faithful, strong members of the Church who go out of their way to serve others. They love children and we felt loved and cared for in their home. We knew education was important and I wanted to follow in their footsteps and attend BYU as they did. They worked hard to make sure that I felt loved and cared about. I feel so blessed to have grown up in their home and to have them as Parents today. They are still very much concerned about my welfare and level of happiness.

The next mentor that I remember is my second grade teacher in Bremerton, Washington, Mr. Hicks. Mr Hicks was very approachable, lovable and made everyone feel like they were his favorite (or maybe it was just me). I would visit his classroom during lunch and sit on his knee and just chat.

My next mentor was Mr. Oler, my sixth grade teacher (another male teacher). Mr. Oler made learning fun and engaging. He cared about us and worked hard to teach us as much as he could. The thing I remember most about Mr Oler was that at the end of the school year he wrote each of us a letter. In it he was very complimentary and it touched my heart to know that someone outside of my Parents thought highly of me. I still have the letter today.

To be continued:
High School Years and beyond.

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