October 2, 2015

Mind Palace Technologies

I wanted to give a more comple update on Josh's work situation.

A few months ago, he felt torn. He was spending part of his time job hunting and part of his time working on "Palace" his business idea. He found all the lawyer positions open to be not interesting at all to say the least and the few job interviews he got, he came away feeling tense and stressed out- just from being in the environment of a private law firm!

We consulted together and I encouraged him to give his full time and energy to making his business work. It was a risk to take and it still is, but as he did so he felt confident, excited, energized and hopeful. He has found so many things to work on and to keep occupied with. First, preparing a presentation and slide show. Now, he is taking a business e-course he was offered for free from one of his contacts at the presentation.

It seems like everything is pointing toward this being the right path for us.

When we got married, Josh would say often "I would never own my own business. You have to put in so many man hours. It would be so stressful."

It turns out that while it does take a lot of man hours, it is also exciting and rewarding in more ways than we ever thought.

Prayers for us as we continue to try and get Palace off the ground!

***the supplement did not help my headache. I guess I have more to learn from this trial!***

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