October 9, 2015

First week of October

The Saturday before October began, Elizabeth and I had the chance to go to the General Women's Meeting of General Conference. It was great to have her by my side and the talks were lovely! She is such a lovely girl!

Declan and I went to the Naturopath on last Friday. My toxins are resolved but I still have my headache. My case frustrates them- as well as me! They think it may be my estrogen levels and and it came back high. Still unresolved though. Poor doctors, I give them such a rough case! 😉

Asher had his first pine wood derby in scouts. We moved right before the one last year. We loved his idea of a couch. It wasn't the fastest, but Asher had a super great attitude about it! Good job, Asher!

Jonah created this piece of art for Utah's reflections contest. I'm impressed! I had to encourage him to enter it, but he did it!

Don't you love the hats on these pumpkins? I love October! 

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