August 28, 2015

When we moved to Utah

I'm not sure I've detailed how our move to Utah actually came about. It's somewhat personal, but that's what writing is about.

It was a warm day in June last year. We were visiting my brother and his wife in Lehi, Utah on our way to a beautiful vacation spot in Bear Lake. We were sitting on a picnic bench in the shade and we watched while the kids played on the playground- which was new and pretty impressive. The mountains loomed largely next to me and spoke to me- Come to Utah. This is the Place- for you.
   I left it at that and moved on- to Bear Lake and then home to Phoenix. Arizona- the hot and dry land of the South. Something must have changed for me because it was no longer a place I felt at home at. At peace with. I had a chronic migraine from months before and it continued unabated, despite all efforts to heal it. When someone suggested that I take it to the Lord and see what He was trying to tell me with this chronic pain, I did. The memory of those cool mountains, the fresh, clean mountain air and the call to come back came rushing back like a long lost friend.
         When I told Josh the answer I had received he was welcoming and warm- just like the mountains had seemed to me that warm summer day. He was my mountain in the craziness of the quick move and still is today. My headache has diminished significantly. I bask in the beauty of Utah's Mountains and enjoy their reminder that it was they and the Mountain that is the Lord that brought me here today.

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Amy said...

Awww....I LOVE visiting you in Utah. I LOVED visiting you in Arizona, but Utah is more climate-friendly :) You can actually go outside! I love you and love reading anything your write!