August 16, 2015

On Jr. High

So, Elizabeth, my oldest starts Jr. High on Tuesday. Ok, it's actually Middle School but it's for 7,8 and 9th graders so to me it is more like Jr High. She has been anxious, I have been anxious. Maybe I won't send her. I'll keep her home. I'll keep her close to me. 

She's a great kid. She'll do great. It's just that she's growing up. She's becoming more independent. Again. I thought we did this already in Kindergarten.

I've decided that life is always changing. Always. It is never static or complete. It doesn't stay the same. It's a moving river- not a lazy river- but a rapid one- and I better get on the raft and hold on tight! Things are changing!

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Larissa Nelson said...

Junior High! Crazy! They grow up too fast! She will be great!