August 24, 2015

Declan at 16 months

Declan at 16 months:


-Hot, tweet, tweet (for bird), Day-dee (Sadie), Mommy, Daddy, Mee-mee (binky), bankie (blanket), apple, too-tee (cookie), shoes


-Wakes up around 8, likes to snuggle on the couch with his blanket and binky for 5 minutes and then has a sippy cup of milk and some hard boiled egg in his chair. One nap 2 1/2 hrs later for an hour and a half and bed at 9. This little stays up until all the kids are in bed!

Does not like:

-Cereal (really?), having his diaper changed (cries almost every time!), me leaving, me saying no to a second cookie.

-Baths. Still. He'll let me put him in with an inch of water but once I try to wash him up it's all over (he used to love baths but fell and hit his head once and now strongly dislikes them).


-Mini chocolate candy bars (in small bites), cookies, string cheese, apples, english muffins, anything we are eating.

-Standing at the sink on a high stool and "rinsing" all the dishes. He can do this for a half an hour at a time. Only if the sink is full of dishes (which is often). He LOVES it!

-Going for walks with Sadie.

-Stopping at the mailboxes to play with some keys that are left in the bigger boxes. 


Joanie said...

He is your miracle baby...I will always believe that! So special...makes me smile every time I see him.

Larissa Nelson said...

He is so cute! He looks so big! The one in perspective with Declan in foreground his head looks the same size as yours - haha- I know its the angle! SUCH A SWEET BOY! WE LOVE DECLAN!

Kelsy said...

It's so fun seeing him grow and learn!