August 26, 2015

Back to School! 2015

 First Day of School Pictures! 

It seemed like we were still recovering from the summer, so everyone woke up a little tired. They still woke up a little early and pretty excited! Elizabeth had a 7th grader preview day so she went the day before and we had 2 first days of school!

On the first day of school we usually do a yummy hot breakfast and homemade cookies at the end of the day.  This year I made cookies for Elizabeth but was all sugared out to make some more for the boys first day. We also do Priesthood Father's School Blessings the Sunday before. It seems like everyone will have a great school year this year!

I usually get a blessing too, since I am starting a new year as being the Mom of all these school aged kiddos- and a baby. I got blessed that my headache will go away. Yay! 

Elizabeth- 7th Grade. Ah! I have a 7th grader! She was excited and nervous and had a great day at school! She even ended helping others who were lost or who had a hard time opening their locker. Way to go!

 Jonah and Ethan- 6th Grade! I can't believe it! Really. Truly Can't. They are in the same class this year- they requested it and since they are still working on making friends here, I asked the school and they agreed. Their teacher is a first teacher and she substituted last year so the kids all know her. I love her enthusiasm and love for teaching already!


 Jonah- 6th grade!

 Asher- 4th Grade. Mrs. Smith

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