June 19, 2015

On Fathers

Being that this blog has been a bit neglected, what with a one year old running around and all, Josh will most likely not read this post but I wanted to do a shout out.

Here's me, shouting out from the Internet, how good life is with Josh as my children's Dad and as my husband.

Babe, thanks for taking the trash out even though I know it's not your favorite.

Thank you for changing the poopy diapers when I need extra hands- which has been a lot more often since you've been out of a job.

Speaking of that, thank you for tireless looking for a job these past eight months. It hasn't been easy. It's still not easy. It's a daily struggle. Thank you.

Thank you for asking me if there's anything I need before returning to your to do list.

You are amazing!

And now, the kids are chatting away- explaining Dr Who to me, so I should probably listen.

I love you, Babe! Happy Father's Day!

You are the Bacon of all Fathers!

Shout out to my Dad and Dad Abbott as well. We all love and cherish you both!

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