March 13, 2015

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

 Elizabeth and Declan goofing off.

I got to help out with Jonah (and Ethan) and ride the Front Runner- a train that runs from Provo, Utah to Ogden- up to Salt Lake City where the 5th Grade classes were doing a field trip at JA Biz Town at the Discovery Gateway museum. It was cold but pretty fun!

Jonah and his classmate on the train.

Waiting for Josh to finish his run.

Josh running the 5K Rex Lee Run. It was cold (again) but fun. Soon I won't mention the cold- I'll just be used to it!

Asher and his first day of indoor soccer. He loved it!! He got to be the goalie- his dream position- for most of the game and did a great job! 

Jonah and Declan enjoying the sun.

A scary balloon.

Declan and I were matching- so we took a picture! And that's it for last week in pictures!


Fox and Amy said...

Yay! I love it when you blog! Declan is so cute! I am seeing all of these crazy new restaurants in Utah...are there any that you have heard of that you want to try? Making our Utah list!

Larissa Nelson said...

Great photos! Cannot wait to come visit!!!

Joanie said...

yes, I had to go see your blog cuz I was missing you and there I found such wonderful pictures...thank you!