March 2, 2015

Finding Christ

   Charlotte's 7th Birthday. Feb 24, 2015

      Yesterday, we had a wonderful lesson in Church entitled Trust in the Lord. I was excited about it since that is always one thing I've wanted to focus on in my life. The teacher, a woman of my age with a daughter Elizabeth's age, spoke of how her husband is unemployed and how she has been trying to handle interview after interview rejection.
    This hit quite home for me, especially since Josh is now unemployed (his project at ASU sadly ended). She spoke of trusting in Him, and of His plan for us. 
     This morning, during my scripture study, I wanted to work on that trust and I deviated from my normal Book of Moon study by opening the LDS library and clicking on the October 2013 General Conference section. Elder Bednar's talk entitled The Windows of Heaven jumped out at me. As I read, I realized that this talk was speaking directly to me and to our situation. Directly. As we pay our tithing we will be blessed. Maybe not with wealth but with the fortitude to continue on. 
      That talk was a ray of sunshine for me on a snowy day- letting me know how much He really cares. As He blesses  me, I in turn want to bless others as well, whether it's holding the door  open for someone, dropping a treat off at a neighbors or just being an example to my children. 
        Life is good. I love my Savior and His Gospel. Happy Monday!

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Larissa Nelson said...

Glad you got that talk at that right time! Yes stay strong - you will be blessed! So sweet to see the photo of your celebrating Charlotte!