February 17, 2015

And so,

Here is me blogging today. Declan is asleep (who is 10 months today!), the kids are at school (but will be home shortly), the dog is asleep (who is driving me crazy lately! Arizona weather, where are you?!), the fish is given away (should we get another one) and I am alone.

On Sunday, every Sunday, our Relief Society (group of women), has a get to know you moment. I guess our ward *Church group* is so transitory there are new people each week!
This past Sunday it was "What is your favorite thing to do?" I said Blog!- even though I haven't it done it much lately- like the past long while. But, it is! And so, like the warm weather drawing out runners from their cozy houses, these quiet afternoons will hopefully draw out my netbook and thinking cap and create more blogs!

How was your Valentines? Mine was pretty good! Elizabeth had a 6th grade Valentines Day dance- eek! They learned all the different types of dances and practiced them at the dance. She was so cute- trying really hard to do the dances correctly. She is such her Father's daughter! She wore a dance she already had in her closet so that was nice. The boys all exchanged valentines and I *think* Jonah has a crush on his 22 year old teacher since the Valentine he gave her was very lovey-dovey.

Ideally, I would get a dozen red roses and a box of Sees from my Babe, but a lovely note hit the spot! We had Ben and Barbara over for dinner- Lasagna and Brownies and Ice Cream- and that was lots of fun! For Christmas Barbara drew each of our portraits in costume and I loved it! I also went to Roots Tech in Salt Lake. It was super cool and while I didn't get to attend any of the classes- I had a short time and my favorite class on puzzilla.org was full- I did get to scan in a family photo, browse the Expo Hall and get Studio C's autographs (squee!!)- just for the kids, not for me at all. ;)

Happy Tuesday!

ps- Josh is applying for a job at BYU. We're crossing our fingers twice on this one!!

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