January 11, 2015

Headache, aka NDPH, Update

You can add visit to a naturopath to the list of Drs. I've seen (Christmas and New Years were wonderful by the way).

The Dr. is my Dad's cousin and her office is a mere 8 minutes door to door trip from my house (while Walmart, the library, post office and almost everything is 15 minutes away. Although the outlet stores are 5. Yep, we live on a mountain right behind the Point of the Mountain Outlets- Annie's Pretzels in 5 minutes? Yes, please!).

The Dr. was very sweet and told me to immediately toss all vitamins bought at Wal-mart (I agree), to eat healthy, whole food (which I will try- it's New Years, isn't it?) and to get a shot of magnesium (which I promptly received).

It was a good visit but I won't be going back. I've learned a few things and one of them is-

This headache is here to stay.

For awhile.

And I'm okay with that. (Lessons to be learned and all that).

(pics of our home to follow)

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