December 23, 2014

Update: November and December 2014

In November we moved in with cousins and Josh's brother and sister in law in Draper, Utah. For about 5 weeks. They have five kids, we have five kids. It was quite the party! Lots of time was spent playing with cousins, visiting the Draper Temple and enjoying the lack of snow but cooler temps.

And it did snow a little for one day- and then promptly melted- my favorite kind of snow!

 Thanksgiving came and went and was delicious! This little one loved his first Thanksgiving!

 At the local library.

 At the Bean Museum, that has been renovated (so cool by the way!). I'm married to this handsome man! I'm such a lucky woman!

 Elizabeth at the Bean Museum

The park in Draper where they put a lot of lights on one tree and they call it The Tree of Life. It is gorgeous.

 Meeting our newest cousin- Emeric- so cute!!

 Declan learning to stand- this is his favorite place to go and try and climb.

 Jonah in the itty bit of snow we've received.

 Our Ward brought us a fruit basket for Christmas with some gift cards as well- such a blessing!

 Cousins- and a photo-bombing.

 This guy turned 8 months old! Slow down, time! Slow down!

 And in December, after a lot of house hunting and a few close calls, we found a house! In Lehi. And we move in the 29th. Yay!

My Grandma (on my Dad's side) has had alzheimers for the past three years. This past month she was really sick and on Monday, the 14th, she passed away. I was able to drive up with my sister and attend the funeral in Salmon, Idaho. It was lovely and my Grandpa was upbeat, happy and hopeful. My Grandma was such a wonderful woman.

 My sister and her hubby!

 My uncle (my Grandma's son) and Grandpa

A selfie with Grandpa (his first!)

My Aunt and Uncle (my Grandma's son)

 Grandpa and a family friend

 My Aunt, Uncle and cousins at the beautiful grave site.

 My beautiful Aunt and daughter!

My sister loving on the baby! We had a great trip and although it was for a funeral, it was so sweet and tender to be with family and to have their support throughout it all.

Merry Christmas!!!

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