December 6, 2014


This last month was filled with packing, cleaning, saying Good-byes and moving. It was busy, hectic and quite stressful. I need to remember this next time we move.

 Baby in a Box!

Baby on a walk!

 A Smiling Baby!

We had a farewell party and the boys invited their friends over for games and pizza.

 More Friends!

D. turned 7 months old! He started sitting (he now crawls and pulls himself up), got two teeth and decided to be a terrible teether- up all night, congested, unable to breathe. Poor baby! He's doing the same all over again now with his top two teeth except he can breathe better.

And we packed up and moved to Draper, Utah, to live with Josh's brother until we find a place of our own or until the end of the year.  

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