September 17, 2014


Elizabeth, Anna and Allison on their Girls' Day Out

Some birthdays are bigger than others in our family, 8 is a big one since that is when we get baptized in our Church. 12 is also another big one. It is when girls go from Primary- where the kids meet during Church- to Young Womens and become an Official Young Woman. To me turning 12 is even bigger than 13 even though 13 means that you are a teenager. Mostly because I remember anticipating turning 12 a lot more than anticipating turning 13. I was excited to be in the same class as all the older, cooler girls. I was also excited to go to activities with the boys. And I was excited to go to girl's camp too! So fun!
And so, HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY, ELIZABETH! I remember holding you in my arms, your dark, soft, fuzzy hair sticking all over the place and sighing sweet little baby sighs. I dressed you in pink as often as I could and would hold you and coo and snuggle with you. Having baby D to hold right now and snuggle and coo over makes this day a little easier for me because my first baby is growing up! 

Elizabeth, you are a beautiful, talented, sweet, special girl! You have grown into your personality and you are strong and vibrant. We love you very, very much and are so lucky to have had these 12 years with you so far. May this year be completely amazing for you!

Mom and Dad

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