July 1, 2014

On Motherhood and the Priesthood

I have two friends who are supporters of the website Ordainwomen.org. This has caused me to give a lot more thought and concern to the topic of Women and the Priesthood lately. I have tried to avoid getting too involved, but I think it is an important subject to address.

On Motherhood and the Priesthood:

I want you to know that as a woman I feel completely validated as an equal and noble partner in my marriage, in the world and in Heavenly Father's plan.

As a wife, I hold equal standing with my husband. We counsel together, we pray together, we make decisions together.

As a Mother, and together with Josh, I have been able to bring children into this world. It is an amazing, awe inspiring, completely fulfilling role that I have long inspired to and have been raised to do.

As a Father, and together with me, Josh holds the Priesthood and is able to bless our infants, baptize them, give Father's blessings and administer in the ordinances of the Gospel. He has also been raised to do this as well.

As women, we administer in the sacred ordinance of giving birth/raising children and providing a loving home for them. As Priesthood bearers, men administer in the sacred ordinances of salvation of the Gospel.

Both are needed. Both are separate and clear. Both work together and are needed for the bringing of children onto the Earth and for obtaining their salvation.

I am thankful for the position and infinite power that I hold as a Mother.

I am grateful for the work that I do in the Church as I am called by those who hold the Priesthood in the Church through Visiting Teaching, my callings and anything else I am asked to do.

I am blessed through serving with other women in the Temple and participating in Temple ordinances.

I was blessed to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints- a blessing I hold almost as sacred as that of a Mother in Zion.

We are blessed. Mothers, Fathers, and families.

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Amy said...

Great stuff! I think most people don't realize that sister missionaries actually do hold a form of the priesthood--the key to preaching the gospel. And all of the temple work! We don't hold the priesthood, simple because Jesus is a man...so his prophet, who is His voice, is a man! Simple! However, we exercise the priesthood!