June 18, 2014

Our Trip to Cali 2014

My sister Molly was visiting and we got all of the cousins together except for a few (Kalea and Charlotte)! Cousins are the best!!!

Amy and baby Arthur. He is two and a half months older than Declan and such a chill, happy cutie!

Grandpa and tiny Declan

My sisters Amy and Molly (and Arthur) meeting Declan for the first time! They said he looks like such an Abbott!

At the beach on Saturday- Elizabeth and some yummy carrot cake!
Elizabeth Renee and Anna Elizabeth

Jonah after a ride on the boogie board!
 Ethan building in the sand.

 Declan's first time at the beach. He slept through it!

 Elizabeth as a sand mermaid.
 Josh taking a ride with Uncle Doug in Carpinteria.
 (Thanks, Picstitch and Instagram for the picture design- scrapbooking meets blogging?)
 Santa Barbara Mission and a sidewalk chalk show.

 Us at the Mission.

The Chalk drawing that Aunt Sheelah helped make! I think they do it every year.


What a great time in Cali! Next vacation- Bear Lake in July with some Abbott cousins! Yay for Summer!

***Happy Birthday, Larissa! It was so nice to see you and the kiddos!


Amy said...

Those are great pics! Thank you!! Love you!

Larissa Nelson said...

So glad you got to come and the cousins got to see each other! And thanks for the birthday wishes!