June 20, 2014

Declan: 2 month old


     You are two months old!

     You are growing and changing so much! You like to:

        -Coo and try to talk and sing when we talk to you. It is so cute!

        -Laugh if we shake your hands and then tickle under your arms.
        -You are super long- your head hits the arm of the rocking chair when
         I feed you and you barely fit!

        -You love to listen to music- you smile and coo: anything on Pandora, especially Baby Rock songs (rock songs set to lullaby music- so creative). When you cry in the car, I put Pandora on my phone, put my phone in your car seat and you are good to go! (we learned this on our trip to Cali!).

         -You tolerate a bottle. Once, I was leaving when you woke up and I said "Bye, Baby" and left and you refused to take the bottle after that.

         -You love nursing (so glad I decided to) and make grunting sounds full of relief when you do.
         -You know and recognize my voice and face. When I came home the other evening, you saw me and cried, and made the cutest sad face- missing me :)

 I could go on and on, but I won't. You are growing much too fast and after having four kids, we realize how fast it all goes! We love you, baby boy!


Larissa Nelson said...

He is so darn cute! Happy 2 months!!!

Joanie said...

He is such a little Abbott..he is a smart boy! You can tell.