May 9, 2014

Easter Time!

 All Dressed Up for Church (Declan was sleeping).

 The Boys!

 Sunday Morning! The Easter bunny came! This was before he hid the baskets and left a clue for the kids (they were on the picnic table outside!).

 We dyed eggs the Wednesday before Easter- the day I went into labor! This was Ethan's egg. It was so pretty he didn't want to eat it!

 Elizabeth holding Declan. I wanted to get a picture of all 5 kids on Easter Morning, but Declan was sleeping and I did not want to wake him up. Then, Declan peed out of his cute Easter onesie and when the kids came home from Church they all changed before I could catch them.
 Asher holding Declan

Grandma holding Declan

 Hanging out with his Giraffe

 A Neighborhood Egg Hunt the day before. They got way too much candy!

 A Happy Easter!

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Larissa Nelson said...

Great photos! What a fun Easter!!