May 14, 2014

Declan's Photo Shoot

 One of the Young Women in our ward is a Photographer and volunteered to take newborn pictures of Declan to add to her portfolio. I happily agreed! She came over and took them when he was 6 days old- still pretty little! I could just eat him up! Thanks, T!

 At one point, he was sleepy, so we wrapped him up and he fell fast asleep. Then we unwrapped him to take more pictures. After a while he was done though! She had planned a picture with him in a basket but we didn't get to it.

 He has really long fingers and toes- we think he is going to be pretty tall!
(His length is in the 75th percentile).

What a sweet, little boy!


Laura said...

He is absolutely delicious!

Larissa Nelson said...

Such great photos - but his cuteness sure does help! LOVED the ones you chose for his announcement (: