April 23, 2014

Of Newborn Days

My Parents left today.

Josh, Declan and I stood on the porch and waved goodbye.

It is just us now.

All 7 of us.

Walking into the living room, you find more Abbotts there. More family. More sweet faces.
More responsibility.

It has surprised us and caught us happily unawares- how families can grow and change- dynamic little things.

And speaking of dynamic little things- 

Declan is oh so dynamic!

His little coos. His funny, funny facial expressions. The hefty weight of his bum in your hand.

The eating and sleeping and changing of diapers then sleeping and eating and changing again.

The obliviousness of what time the clock says at night.

This little new person, all shiny and new and tiny.

He is here and he is changing our world!

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