March 7, 2014

The Lord's Tender Mercy

I didn't sleep well last night- lots of thoughts and ideas and emotions rolling around. I wanted to share with you one thought in particular. It is this:

Sometimes the miracle is when the Lord answers differently than we prayed for.

His answer- whatever it may be, includes the miracle and his Tender Mercies.

Often it is very hard to see during that time  we are praying for something.

This idea hit me more strongly as we, as a Church group, reflected on the pouring rain that happened during Saturday's Youth Cultural Celebration.

Everyone was praying for a stop to the rain- the leaders of our area, the Parents and Leaders of the Youth, the Youth themselves.

All day there was a circle of blue above the Youth practicing- keeping the field dry and clear. In fact, if it had rained even a 1/2 inch in the reservoir basin they were practicing the city had said they would cancel the event. President Monson would not arrive and the many hours of practice and prep would have not had it's fruition.

And so, the Lord did stay the rain. His timing was just different than ours. He stayed the rain all that day, until performance time and that's when it poured. It poured miracles.

And I see that in my life. We had prayed for another baby after Asher. And the babies were stayed. For years. There was a drought. There were times- several times- we thought a baby would come, but it didn't happen.

And then it began to rain. We're expecting a baby boy after six years of trying.

And I now see  some of the miracle. I see the days of subbing at the kids school- spending time with them, getting to know their friends, their school, their teacher.

I see the understanding I gained of what is like to not have your prayers be answered right away and to have to wait- not knowing the outcome or the answer.

I see the power and strength in trusting in our Lord, no matter what.

He knows us. He blesses us with miracles everyday. Sometimes it just takes a burst of rain- or a clearing of the rain- to clear our eyes and help us see.

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