March 21, 2014

Med Woes (kids)

Ethan and Jonah on St. Patrick's Day!

As some of you know, my twinners are both on ADD medicine. Their grades both began to plummet in 3rd grade. They stopped paying attention in class and were not able to do well on the in class assignments or tests. After an evaluation from the Dr., their teachers and us, we put them on medicine to see if it would help. And after a few trial-and-error type trials, boy did they help! Their grades went from mostly C's to straight A's. Both of them. We were happy!

There have been not very many side effects, but Ethan's medicine (Concerta) effects his appetite. Once it hits his system, he is not very hungry. So, from the hours of 10-5 he doesn't eat a lot. But, at dinner he eats a ton and has a nighttime snack. Jonah is on a different medicine (Intuniv) and hasn't had that same side effect.

As a result, Jonah is bigger than Ethan for the first time in his life. Since my boys are both pretty small for their age anyways, it has been rough to see such a toll on Ethan. In November, we switched to a Specialist in ADD and switched medicines (Focalin) for Ethan- in an attempt to get his appetite back. It didn't help. We have been concerned for him and have been trying to get him to eat more and to work on feeding him more calories- bagels, peanut butter, shakes, etc. But it hasn't done much.

After a trip back to California and others noticing such a weight different in Ethan, we are more intent on getting Ethan's weight up. I will be switching him to Elizabeth and Jonah's Nurse Practitioner and trying him on Jonah's medicine. Prayers are appreciated for this little one of ours!


Joanie said...

Good for you, Megan! I have been reading about ADD...the whole thing is very fascinating....and lots of quandries, if many of these inventors and geniuses really had ADD like some researchers suppose, and they were given drugs...would they have invented what they did? What if Jim Carrey was put on drugs when he was a distracted, hyper active buffon in school??? He would maybe not be the famous, rich comedian/movie star we now When is ADD a manifestation of a gift..or a real hindrance in your life? Here is a site worth exploring, I think.. was such a delightful pleasure to be with your is Kid Therapy, in a way...hanging out with folks who make you laugh and express themselves in sweet, creative ways.
I have a bit of ADD (look at my side of our bedroom) ...I think the secret is to learn strategies, too...along with maybe possible medication.....but one always has to look at the advantages and disadvantages of any Rx and make a decision on what trumps what.
I am glad that so far, Ethan didn't lose his sense of humor and energy on this RX he's been on. But yes, he needs to put on some weight. OK..He is on my prayer list!

Larissa Nelson said...

That is tough - why did they not put both boys on the same meds to start with or did Ethan have issues with it before? Were there other factors in the grades changing so much (switched classes or teachers or schools) Maybe try a placebo pill and see if it has the same effect for ADD but not hurting the appetite? Hmm it is so hard as a parent to know if we are making the right choices for our kids! Good luck and yes prayers are coming your way!

Pink Panda said...

Jonah reacted really poorly to Concerta- getting angry a lot and not his normal self so I took him off right away. Intuniv works differently and he does really well on it