March 19, 2014

Grandma Betty's 90th Birthday! + Spring Break '14

 My Grandmother Betty and I
This past weekend, my family held a big SURPRISE birthday party for my Grandma's 90th Birthday! We had been planning it since December, so we were all looking forward to it! Luckily it was during Spring Break (and I was 35 weeks along- not 36 so my Dr. gave me the ok to travel), and we were able to attend! Josh had one of his big yearly conferences during Spring Break, so my sweet Mom flew out to Arizona and drove with me to California. It helped a ton!

Everyone was coming for the birthday party, so we stayed with my Grandma. She already knew we were planning a party (but she didn't know how big it was) so it was okay that we stayed with her. About 50 people were there- all 4 of her living cousins, two of her children, most of her grandchildren and almost all of her great grandchildren. We played Grandma Betty BINGO and learned more about her life. I read a poem and Grandma herself read a poem about her life (so sweet!). We presented her with a super cute poster made out of gift cards (made by Kelsy), had lots of Armenian food and had a 90 piñata- with one for the kids and one for the adults (complete with prunes and nail files).

Everyone said such sweet things about her and she said "Now I don't have to attend my own funeral- it's like I've already been!" It was so great not to wait until someone passes away to let them know how much we love them! We love you, Grandma Betty!!

Grandma- being surprised! The event was at the Church and she doesn't attend Church. She commented "Well, finally at the age of 90- you have gotten me into Church!" ha ha!

 One of my kids took this shot, but I love it! Amy and Molly- my sisters!

 Larissa and Grandma- Grandma had such a great time- laughing and smiling! Larissa, Molly and Aunt Janie did most of the work and they did an awesome job!

 Kalea, our newest nephew- Arthur and Cash photobombing the pic!

 We got to meet this sweet little new cousin- Arthur- who at almost 6 weeks old and 10-11 pounds is on his way to being a big kiddo! He is so precious and Elizabeth (and I) loved holding him and meeting him!


 Quincy- our 2 yr old cousin!
 A trip to California isn't complete with a visit to the Beach! It was 78 degrees and lovely!

 Sand Castles!
 Jonah's castle!
We drove back to Arizona safely (phew!). What a great trip and Spring Break!

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