March 28, 2014

38 Weeks!

Elizabeth and I at my Grandma's bday party!
Well, I am at 38 weeks tomorrow- full term! Yay! !The time has flown by so fast! Maybe that's what happens when you are busy with 4 kids in school and keeping busy substituting as well! 
 And now comes the time when I can't sleep. I just can't get comfortable- the bed is too straight, my curves are too curvy and it's not a great fit! I have a full body pillow but it doesn't help much. I need one of those big, huge J shaped body pillows they sell that are quite expensive!

And of course, I am just EXCITED! I know that excitement can cause adrenalin rushes, but I can't help it. I held a nine month old last night and thrilled at the thought of having another one! The kids are getting excited too and ask about when the baby is coming or if they will come home one day and find me nursing on the couch. I reassure them that they will get to visit us at the hospital first! 

I love babies. And I get to have one in about two weeks. 14 days. Not that anyone is counting!

Baby Bean still kicks and moves around but his movements are a lot bigger and slower. He has the hiccups at least twice a day and is -thankfully!- heads down!

He will also kick me and hit a nerve in my hip that sends pain shooting down my leg- in my Sciatica nerve? This is new to me and I think it's because of his position. If I wear a belly band belt, it helps.

Luckily, even though I am not sleeping much at night, I take a good nap during the day- with the help of my Hypnobabies CD's. I put them on and fall asleep within a few minutes! Hopefully this is still helping prepare me to do Hypnobabies when the time comes- we'll see!

And so, you may be seeing more of me online until the babe is born and then I may drop off the face of the earth- enjoying this sweet little one for awhile!



Judy and Lloyd Abbott said...

You know what they say: other people's pregnancies, like other people's kids' mission, go really fast.

Lovina said...

It's funny how the last weeks both go really quickly and really slowly. Mine was doing that in the end, grinding her head into the nerves in my hips. We are going to have kids 3 months apart in age if you make it to the 6th, how fun! =)