February 18, 2014

Valentines Day 2014!

 We had a great Valentines Holiday!- My present to Josh (thank u Pinterest!). I added pictures of us and reasons why I love him at the end of some helium balloons. He really liked it!
 Elizabeth's Valentines to her class (Pinterest idea again). It took her quite a while to do these, but another hit!

 Ethan free handedly sketched this heart on white paper and then copied it onto red construction paper for his class. They turned out pretty big- but were super cute!

 Jonah's Valentines, complete with vanilla ice cream smelly sticker. Asher's were simple fun-dip ones. I've learned from years before that having all the kids do the same one- if labor intensive- is just too much. Although, 4 different ones was still a lot! Next year, maybe we'll just do 2 different, simple ones!

 Josh's gift to me- that I requested- along with some pink grapefruit Perrier that he sweetly noticed that I mentioned I liked one date night. Very thoughtful!

 Elizabeth's Valentines Letter to me- so sweet and it made my Valentines! (You have to turn your head to read it). Elizabeth can be super sweet sometimes and I just treasure those moments!

 Ethan and his Valentine's Day treasure!

 Asher and his V-Day box!

 Jonah and his loot!

1 of my Favorite Valentines of the year- stick on tattoos you put on your thumbs 4 thumb wrestling! Happy Valentines!

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