February 3, 2014

Snow Day!

Elizabeth and Dad (the sled broke on the first run thru! Good thing we had another one!)

On January 4th, we made the 2 hr drive up to Pine, AZ and Josh's boss's cabin- with the hope to play in the snow. There was not a lot of snow around- I guess next time we'll have to go right after a snow storm! We looked online and found some more snow 15 minutes North in Strawberry so we headed up that way. We found a turn off in the road, with a sign saying "No snow playing." There was lots of snow and several families playing, so we decided to go for it.
The kids had a great time- especially sledding! I put away my Mother's inhibition and let Josh take the boys to the very top of a steep hill. 

 Elizabeth and her tiny snowman! After we played in the snow, we headed back to the cabin and had hot chocolate and hot chicken noodle soup for dinner. It was great to have a place to crash and change into dry clothes instead of making the drive home right away!

 The boys! (When the next boy is born we will have to call the boys the older boys to distinguish from little bean).



***Pregnancy Update: It's fun to finally be showing. Kids at school make comments like "Mrs. Abbott, are you having a baby?!" and the guy at Sams Club asked today "How are the two of you doing?" I also got asked in the school work room the other day if this was my first baby. That was a first! Last time I had twin toddlers running around and did not get asked that! 

The school secretary has been telling teachers I may not want to sub since I'm pregnant. I hadn't told her that, so I'm not sure why she's saying that. Although, I have put the cap of my days working to twice a week. So, I didn't correct her ;) My legs get super sore if I work all day long (support pantyhose helped the other day!)

We're excited to have a new, little newborn soon! Oh, and my sister Amy is due any day now! We are planning a visit to go see them during Spring Break in March. Fun!

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