February 15, 2014

On Baby Naming

Isn't he cute? His hair reminds me of Asher's hair!

Boy, naming this baby this time around has been hard! Having 3 boys and having lots and lots of cousins that are boys, has made it more difficult than before. Plus, we love each of our kid's names and it's hard to find something that you love just as much.

I was content to wait until we got to the hospital to narrow down our list of favorites- even though that list was pretty long (57 on Josh's list!) until I had a dream that Josh and I got into a big fight over it. This motivated me!

I picked up two baby name books I got from the library The Baby Name Wizard by Laura Wattenberg and The Baby Name Countdown- 140,000 baby names (not too helpful btw!) with a sincere intent in getting help with this baby's name! My favorite baby name book so far has been that first one. At the back it says "Yes, you're baby's perfect name is out there. And yes, this book will help you find it." Okay!

It suggested to not wait until the hospital to name the baby, because what baby looks like a Sawyer, etc. Good idea! It also suggested that it you have a hard time agreeing (us), each person write down their top 6 favorite names on a list, exchange the lists and then each person pick the 2 names on the other's list that they didn't completely dislike. We did that (and before I looked at his list I dreamt that he had nothing on his list). 

We came up with 4 names- William, Noah, Declan (Deck-lan) and Brigham. Phew. We both had William on our top 6 lists but that didn't make it the name for sure.

The book also suggested to try the name out on the baby for a day- use it in everyday language, see how it sounded. Good idea!

Yesterday we threw out Noah. And the favorite so far- for me- is Declan. So we'll see how it goes! Either way, this baby will be so loved!


Lauren Cornelius said...

I like Declan a lot!

Larissa Nelson said...

Yeah you are narrowing it down. Still hard. I think the idea to use the name for a few days is the best - talk to him in your womb with the chosen name and see if it fits. Declan is super cute but I can see lots of people calling him "DE-CLAN" vs "DECK-LAND" so think about that -or I would l spell it Decklan maybe instead? Also William is classic but think he may go by Billie or Willie so you have to like nicknames too. Noah could fit too - you know there is a big Nah movie coming up this year with Russell crow so that name might get more popular (haha). Love ya and good luck!