January 21, 2014

Electric Houses!

In Fourth Grade here, the kids do a unit on Electricity and circuit building. They get into small groups and build small open and closed circuits with tiny light bulbs. They really get into it and have a fun time with this kind of hands on learning. One day, they even built a whole circuit as a class to see if they could still get the light bulb to work.

They also spent some time building and designing their own cardboard box house, complete with a working light bulb. The Parents got to come in and check out everyone's houses (it was Pajama Day as well!). Elizabeth loved doing it last year (she would not let me throw it out!) and Ethan and Jonah had a great time doing it this year- they kept bring various things from home to work on it. Jonah even requested a small picture of himself to glue into the home. Who knew that 4th graders still like building houses?

 Jonah's Electrical House

 Ethan's Electrical House (their classrooms are right next to each other so it makes it easy to visit them).

Ethan's House! They had a great time!

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