January 6, 2014

Christmas + Latest

I still haven't blogged about Christmas yet- We had a great Christmas: we stayed home for the first part of Christmas Vacation, up until after we opened presents and then headed to California late morning Christmas Day (I probably wouldn't do that again, as Christmas plus pregnancy brain caused me to forget to pack a lot of things!). Here are a few snapshots of the morning.  

Dressing up as the Nativity Christmas Eve
Opening one present on Christmas Eve (pajamas!)

 Christmas Morning! (Footie pajamas are too hot in Arizona! Darn!)

 Jonah and his Santa Present!

 Asher and his Santa Present!


 Elizabeth and her new bike!

 Elizabeth opening her Maryland shadow box (she asked for a small piece of Maryland for Christmas and Josh put this together for her). So sweet!

 Love it when the kids get each other presents!

 Ethan (and Jonah) both made Ornaments from Lightbulbs.

 Aunt Rachel opening her stocking!

I put Josh's Mission Pictures in an album for him.

Latest Happenings in the Abbott Household-

         -I'm 26 weeks along and doing well! I am planning on doing Hypnobabies- hypnosis used             for labor. My sister Amy is an instructor and she gave me all of the material over                           Christmas Break.
         -The kids are back to school and back to our daily routine. I'm still subbing and life is                      good!
         -Our kids have been pretty healthy! The boys got a little stomach flu, but are back to                        normal!

*Happy Three Kings Day!

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