November 13, 2013

We're Having A....

**With Email, Facebook and Instagram, you probably know already but I have to post it here as well!**

 Oh, Boy! It's a BOY!

Baby at 18 weeks. Isn't he cute? We've gotten a few comments that 
he looks like one of us already- pretty amazing, huh?

We went into the ultrasound feeling that it was a boy and we saw it pretty quickly- he was not shy at all! We are super excited! The ultrasound was really long- over an hour- since I am 35 and he was not being very cooperative. I still had my headache *which turned out to be a sinus infection and after I FINALLY went to the Dr- I didn't think they could give me anything- and started on antiobiotics I feel a ton better!* so the ultrasound was a little uncomfortable.

We had never seen a 3D ultrasound (which was only a few minutes of it but still very cool) and that was super neat. At one point, while the little man- "our little kicker" she called him (he moves around a ton already at 18 weeks)- was kicking and flipping and moving, I fell in love. It really felt a lot more real that there is a reason why I have been so tired- and hungry- lately. 

He is mine. He is ours. He is an Abbott (that will make 5 Abbott boys so far on Josh's side) and he is our newest love.

**Now, just to find a name for this squiggle worm. I have asked the kids at school to come with a good, two syllable name for me since Ethan, Jonah and Asher both have 2 syllables. So far they have come up with Cody, Dallin, Nathan, Amoni (?), Noah and Cory. We'll see!

***Josh's brother Ben is in town this week performing his play Questions of the Heart and see the production of his play Prodigy. We went to see the first one last night and loved it! Knowing the back story, the history of it all- we loved finally getting to see it and we were so impressed! We wish everyone could go see it! Someone in this family needs to get rich and buy plane tickets for everyone to go see it in February in New York!

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