October 29, 2013

The Riparian Preserve


The Riparian Preserve is located a 5 minute drive from our house. We like to go there on Saturday Mornings or Sunday Evenings and let the kids explore. It has large, green grassy areas, quite a few man made lakes, a stream and various wildlife- lots of different birds (thus called the Riparian Preserve), ducks, animals, fish, turtles. You can even fish there, although it is often over fished and not very many fish are left! It also attached to the Gilbert Public Library, so I will sometimes walk around the largest lake before going to the Library. It's nice that the weather has been in the 80's- although lately it's been 87 degrees. The kids are still often wearing shorts and a t-shirt and for Halloween Asher is just wearing a t-shirt, shorts and gauze- a mummy! You can't do that anywhere else!

 Ethan and Jonah

 Asher boy- a little blurry.

 A Large Tree the kids like to climb


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