October 23, 2013

Our Sweet Grandma Cera

My Grandma Cera with Molly and I (I am on the Right)

Last Friday morning, on Oct. 18th, early in the morning and a little less than a year than when my Grandpa passed, my Maternal Grandmother, Grandma Evelyn Frances Cera, took her last breath in the company of her only son and slipped from this life into Eternity.

I will always treasure and cherish her and the sweet memories that I have of her. She was the sweetest, and sometimes spunkiest, Grandma. She cared about her family deeply and spent much time thinking, talking about and serving them. Although she lived in Wisconsin her whole life and we lived- for the most part- on the other side of the continent, a wedding or vacation would bring us together. She mailed out Birthday and Christmas Cards- complete with a handwritten letter- faithfully. We lived near her when we were little and I have sweet memories of that time.

Grandma, I love you and will miss you dearly. I wish I could have called you and told you I loved you one more time before you left. There is nothing quite like a Grandma's love that can be replaced.

Here's a poem that I wrote for her:

A Poem for Grandma

Love is felt
From far away.
Letters, packages,
Phone calls from her
Full of caring, kindness,
And Love.

The days and
Years are stitched
Across seamless, timeless 
And never forgotten 

That we will hold
Forever in our hearts,
Never to be forgotten.
Stitched by the Great
Matriarch of our Home
And of Love-
Our Sweet Grandma Cera.

We love you, Grandma!

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Joanie said...

Megan...I put the poem in Grandma's funeral program...every time I read it to myself, I cried.....I also read it to Aunt Margie because Aunt Margie could not come to the funeral. I cried when I read it to her. Thank you...it was so sweet and perfect. I loved the stitching analogy.